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Exodus Update Patch Notes 0.08.00
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Exodus Update
Early Access + Patch Notes 0.08.00

Early Access - August 21st @ 5:00 PM EST

Those who know Freezing Raccoon Studio are well aware of what our amazingly talented team which has produced stunning content in a short span time and time again. Recently we shut down servers to start on a development grid. This was a decision based on the community input, bug reports, and feature requests. To work out all of the well documented kinks in the engine and incorporate quite a few features we needed to shut down the outside world for a couple weeks. It is with great determination and shear willpower from the community that we are able to deliver a MASSIVE update for our ever-growing community and super hyped fans. Some of the biggest features we are bringing to the table are in-game Voice Communications, both Smoke and Frag Grenades, a huge 3D Sound Overhaul, the all new Exodus Map, and last but most definitely not least, VGO Skin integration.

To all of our current and soon-to-be fans, we'll see you in the arena.

- Freezing Raccoon Studio -

The Forge - Exodus

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Exodus Map

Map #002

Fans of The Forge Arena have been getting very familiar with our first map, Origin: The Fall. We felt it was time for a new edition to the family. We debated which map idea we wanted to release first for a long time. Do we want an environment with heavy snow or sand dunes and ancient Egyptian architecture? It was determined that Exodus would release first. Arena Masters of the utopian planet, Edenos, built the Exodus arena. Filled with sand, ruins, and wood-framed markets of old Egypt, combatants are tested in the harshest of conditions - dry, hot, and no water for miles. Those who arise victorious from this arena are distinguished above all for their determination and stamina.

Photo: #001
Exodus map screenshot 1
Photo: #002
Exodus map screenshot 2
Photo: #003
Exodus map screenshot 3
Photo: #004
Exodus map screenshot 4


Voice Communication

In game communication is a crucial part to any team-based game. Developing team fluidity takes too much time if players cannot interact with one another. We recognize these issues and have finally developed a solution just for this. Teaming up with VIVOX, a leader of VOIP communications, we are able to bring our fans even deeper into the arena by giving players the option to make low latency in-game callouts and evolve their understanding of The Forge Arena.

Vivox Voice Communication


Sound Overhaul

There is no doubt in the minds of many of our fans that the SFX (sound effects) in The Forge Arena were a bit underwhelming. It took many days of trial and error, but with the help of a very talented group of audio engineers over at Vibe Avenue, we have developed an astounding three-dimensional spatial audio environment to make the sound pop where it truly matters. In addition to our 3D audio enhancement, we have overhauled a few of the weapon sounds to enhance the experience.


Flash and Bang

A question arose one day during a talk with one of our community members about the inability to peak certain corners and angles. How do we beat the player who is defending the objective and wielding the one-shot sniper rifle? Well that is a great question which sparked a massive debate in the community on whether to nerf the Barrett or change the way the game is played. We chose the more interesting choice, and so we made it our task to develop Grenades. Utilizing both the insane power of Frags to eliminate your foes and the pure cover of a Smoke grenades to advance to your objective, the tide of the game is in your hands.

Frag Grenade
Frag Grenade

VGO Skins

VGO Skin Integration

VGo Logo

Ladies and gentlemen of The Forge Arena. Many of you have been waiting for the moment that you can trade your skins. That time starts now. A strong partnership between Freezing Raccoon and OPSkins is making it's way into The Forge Arena. Those who are familiar with VGO will finally have a place to use VGO designs in-game.

Starting on August 21st at 3pm EST we are inviting all players to link their TFA accounts with OPSkins by simply using the launcher and equipping skins in the launcher's integrated inventory system. In doing so, we are unlocking thousands of skins for our users.

Every update, we will integrate more and more VGO designs into the game.

  • Step #001
    Login through game launcher
  • Step #002
    View your inventory
  • Step #003
    Link your OPSkins Account
  • Step #004
    Access VGO Skins and Play Seamlessly

Battle Pass

Unlock Even More Content

Battle Pass Reward - Rare AK Skin Battle Pass Reward - Rare Glock Skin Battle Pass Reward - Rare Forest Profile Picture Battle Pass Reward - Common Chat Icon Battle Pass Reward - Rare Famas Skin Battle Pass Reward - Rare Pyramids Profile Picture Battle Pass Reward - 100 Store Credit Battle Pass Reward - Rare Honney B Skin Battle Pass Reward - Uncommon Chat Icon Battle Pass Reward - Uncommon UMP Skin Battle Pass Reward - Uncommon Deagle Skin Battle Pass Reward - Rare Pharoah Profile Picture Battle Pass Reward - Rare P90 Skin Battle Pass Reward - 150 Store Credit Battle Pass Reward - Rate M4 Skin Battle Pass Reward - Epic Barrett Skin Battle Pass Reward - Uncommong Frag Skin Battle Pass Reward - Rare Chicken Profile Picture Battle Pass Reward - 200 Store Credit Battle Pass Reward - Legendary Knife Mesh Skin

Competitive Quests

Earn Tokens: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Ladders

Whether you're a hardcore professional or a casual gamer, everybody loves to be rewarded for hard work and putting time into projects, so we wanted to reward our fans for playing and spending time in The Forge Arena. Introducing Challenges! Every day, week, and month, new challenges will be unlocked once you've activated your battle pass. By grinding and completing these Challenges, you will earn tokens which can be spent to purchase legendary items and skins in the all new Challenge Reward section of the shop.


Full Patch Notes

Patch 0.08.00

  • Weapons
    • Iron Sights - Various weapon iron sights have been remade to provide a cleaner aesthetic an enhance iron sight ADS tracking
    • New Dragonov Weapon - Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle. The Dragonov is a robust rifle which can be used at a variety of ranges. Base damage is 45, similar to that of the Deagle, and 8 rounds per magazine.
      Currently the custom audio for this rifle is not integrated. Damage, fire rate, and magazine size are prone to change.
  • Grenades
    • Frag Grenade - High area damage, thrown explosive. High damage at center radius and a damage falloff gradient.
    • Smoke Grenade - Thrown canater which provides smoke cover to either advance, escape, or distract.
  • Animations
    • ADS Overhaul - Entire ADS system overhaul to provide smoother transition between ADS and non-ADS movement.
  • Audio
    • VIVOX - Added in-game VIVOX support for in-game team voice communications
    • Sound Overhaul
      • Added better sound engine plug-ins for better overall audio fidelity.
      • Revamped various weapon sounds.
      • 3D Aduio is now insane. Positions audio queues should be greatly enhanced.
  • UI
    • In Game Shop - The buy menu has been completely remade. User Experience is significantly enhanced through a better visual understanding of the buy menu.
    • Weapon Skins will appear in the buy menu.
  • Settings
    • Added settings to change crosshair. Many additions to the crosshair settings will be incorporated over time.
    • Users can choose whether to connect to VoIP or not.
  • Overall Bug FIxes and Graphics/Mechanics Optimizations
    • Inventory Skins - There are now more options to filter owned skins.